Sunday, October 08, 2006

Who cares about Virginity now

Recently Sushmita Sen spoke to a tabloid about her various of relationships with married man. Her defence was if a marriage falls apart, it's because of fading interest by one or both the partners for each other. As long as you maintain a strong bond, other women can't disturb your married life.
“I am not alone to be blamed for any relationship.," she adds further. "Relationship is something that needs consent from both sides. I can’t go to a boy, ask him whether he is married. But if a man is on the look out for some other woman, how can you blame the first woman?”.
When asked to comment about the importance of viginity in a relatioship she said,“Virginity has lost its meaning today. And it’s true for a man as well as a woman. No one investigates whether a woman or a man is virgin or not before getting into a relationship. Everyone knows that sex is an experience of life. "
Source :Santabanta

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